Open kitchen

Curtain open... every evening our dishes are on stage

Taste, being able to explore what you eat by letting yourself be carried away by unique flavours, distinct from each other but rhythmically blended together.

 The wines? Alongside and never far away on this culinary journey, excellent with delusions of protagonism…the encounter with “Good Drinking” is characterized by the national and international wine list, the possibility of choice and the prestige of the wines offered…All this is made available to the guest, who is guided towards the ideal choice with the competence and professionalism of the Sommelier. And finally, the Spirits List which offers a selection of rare and important Bas Armagnac, Cognac, Whiskey and Rhum as well as a fine selection of grape distillates and signature grappas, with the possibility of tasting them and accompanying them with refined cigars, available in the smoking lounge.

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