Ozone System,total sanitization for rooms

Anti-allergic sanitization of places, with the use of ozone, is one of the simplest, natural, and yet most effective ways, to make a room healthy. Here at Hotel Le Capanne, we sanitize our rooms with Ozone System, that creates ozone’s molecules, which have a deep antiallergic function

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    Destroy virus

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    Eliminate dust mites

    Annihilate bad smells.

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    Distrugge i residui

    Destroys volatile residues of chemical detergents

We choose this type of anti-allergic sanitization, because it’s also an alternative and highly ecologic way: ozone, a molecule made by three atoms of oxygen, is a powerful oxidising, which can destroy in a natural way the concentration of fungus, bacteria, virus, and many molecules perceived by the smell, and they have elevated abilities to sanitize and deodorize.

This sanitization system respects the environment and also ourselves since they don’t use chemical products.

In a normal cycle of sanitization, Ozone System uses oxygen in the air, in adapted concentration for the treatment. Once it’s spread, the portion of gas that isn’t used will decay spontaneously returning to its stable state of oxygen.


If you suffer from allergic colds, or if you have atopic or contact dermatitis or other similar features you will find this service certainly interesting.

But we think also, that the advantages of an anti-allergic sanitization are for everybody: having a sanitized room, from curtains to the bed sheets, to everything that surrounds you, is definitely comforting.